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    Networking with Fedora Core 2

    ok, my class has alot of computers, most of them are windows 2k systems, and me and a couple of my friends are trying to figure out some things with linux because we've never used them before, and were studying to be computer technicians. we want to know how to access win2k computers from the network through FC2, i've heard you can, our network is a tci/ip network, and i heard you need something like IPX/SPX on your windows systems for it to work, can anyone give me the full details?

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    It depends on what you want to access. You can set up VNC on the windex boxen to allow you to have graphical control. You can set up samba on your Linux boxen to allow you to access windows network shares.
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    or you could do both! lol

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    eh, ok, i read about samba before i saw this, but where do i get it? i made a smb.conf file and set up by putting in
    wins server = my ip

    but it didn't work, so i guess i don't have the samba files or whatever, can you explain to me where i can get it or if it is on my computer how to install it.

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    er, ok wait, heh, i'm finding this stuff at odd times, ok, i found where to get the samba thing, it is in add/remove apps but the disc we have for that is corrupted, everytime we try burning the 3rd and 4th disc for fedora core 2, its corrupted, so we can't get all of these other packages that are needed, can anyone give a alternate method for getting these?

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