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    Windows files on Linux Dedicated?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to setup a dedicated fedora server To beable to run a game server that runs off of windows.

    The game is Rainbow Six 3: Ravenshield.
    There is no linux Standalone , But there is a Windows version.
    I posted on their forums and someone was kind enough to give me some info, But im not experianced enough with linux to get it to work out.

    But i guess my main question would be, Is it possible to set up what i need (the post off of the the game's site will be below) On a linux dedicated server, Via the command line .

    "The way we got it working here is _dead_ easy.

    We first made sure we had a perfect working version of the standalone dedicated server, including AS and all the latest patches.

    We mounted the windows folder as a samba share

    We simply copied everything to the linux box.
    ( # cp -a /w2k3/rvs /home/games/rvs1/ )

    We did not change ANYTHING else. same ini's etc, and punkbuster is enabled.

    We start the server user a '' shell script that does:
    nohup -- /usr/bin/wine /home/games/rvs1/System/ucc.exe server -mod=AthenaSword &

    That's it..."
    - user on Ubisoft forums

    Thanks for any help guys

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    In a word, yes. You just need to set up your server as you like it (no GUI, ssh, tweaked, hardened, etc.) and then install wine. After that, just create a script like the one on the UbiSoft forums and run it to start up the server.
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