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    NFORCE 2 Ethernet problem

    okay, i just bought an NForce 2 mobo with 2000+ amd processor. i had the internet working on it for a bit and something happened, its been about a week so i forget what, causing me to remove the device from the system settings. i rebooted hoping Kudzu would redetect it, but it didnt, i checked xf86config for "network" section but there was none. i remember seeing one before but it wasnt there now. i am completely stuck now as i have tried all i know, being a redhat 8 newbie. also, during bootup, RH seems to get caught up when it loads "SendMail" and "SMClient" for about 3 minutes when as before it did not. please help im completely out of ideas.

    TIA, Chad

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    comon guys, i know at least one of you knows a helpful hint at least

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    okay, i found out that i was looking for hwconf, not xf86config, and i deleted the network section of hwconf. now when linux checks for new hardware on bootup. it gives an error message about kudzu and a segmentation fault. i decided to just reinstall the rpm, so i did. still the same error message. any advice on what i should do next?


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