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    Besides, new, I can modify
    Besides, /root, There are lots of option: /usr, /usr/dev, /, others I can remember I had to get out of the setup to look at hard drive space available.

    Total Capacity 37 GB
    Used 24 GB
    Fee 13 GB

    Regarding drives: hda1 is the only option in setup so, since it I can have 4 partitions, I can partition hda (my hard drive C 3 more times?

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    bruns1... if your instructor doesn't care how you get it installed, you could download the PartedMagic LiveCD and boot with that to use gparted for setting up and formating your partitions. Then when you do the Fedora install, you direct the installer to use the partitions you've already created.

    Just an option that might work for you. It works for me every time.

    Best of luck with it.

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    I have to go to school now. Thanks for the help. I will contact you tomorrow as I work on this project.

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    In your post #9, you indicate sda1 38163MB, which would be one partition for the whole drive. You need to shrink xp to create another partition.

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    My instructor has suggested installing Microsoft Virtual PC and installing and running Linux on it. As far as downloads, do you know where I can safely get a free download of it?

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