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Thread: adobe plugin

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    adobe plugin

    I'm having a frustrating problem with adobe and I've kind of run out of ideas. I downloaded Adobe Acrobat 5 from the website for Linux. I installed it without a hitch. I copied (adobe plugin) and put it in both my mozilla and firefox plugin folders...when i use firefox, and click on a pdf link, nothing happens...if i disable, the pdf plugin in preferences, then it'll ask me to save or what i would like to use to open it up...

    i don't know what else i can do...any ideas?

    EDIT: never mind...i found something here...(coudlnt' find it before)...but hopefully it will work...have to try it when i get home...will let you guys know

    i forgot the link...but it involves creating a symbolic link to PATH environment variable

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    that did not solve the problem...i'm stumped

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    can you start it from the comand line? What version of linux are you running? There was a problem with Acrobat and some language settings that would prevent it from running. I also have seen it a one occasion with one install where it wouldn't work in the browser until I ran it from the command line and accepted the agreement.

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    in firefox @ mozilla type aboutlugins in the address bar, and see if it shows adobe in there.

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    yup...i have it installed and enabled...a blank page loads up whenever i try to access a pdf from the web...i just don't know what's wrong...

    russoe, do you mean start firefox from the command line? i tried that, firefox loads up...i go to google, search for a pdf and click on it...nothing happens in the terminal

    i'm using fc2 kernel 2.6.7-1.494.2.2

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    just as an update, i finally figured it out....

    the link that i gave had the wrong information...the file that it tells you to link to your PATH is the wrong one...there is an file in /usr/local/Acrobat/bin (which is the executable) ...that is the one that you have to copy or put a sym link in /usr/X11R6//bin

    hope that helps somebody out

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