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    mounting with bg on rhel5


    We are using the 'bg' flag in order to background mounting of nfs shares if the nfs server is unavailable. This does not seem to work, however, resulting in boot process hangups for 30-60 minutes when a nfs server is unavailable.

    We have tested this commandline in a controlled environment, trying to mount a nfs share on an unavailable nfs server using the following command:
    mount -o bg,intr,rw,hard /tmp/nfstest

    If i understand things correct the default timeout value is 60 seconds when using tcp. However, the mount command above hangs for a lot longer than that (never had the patience to see exactly how long..). We also tested the same mount command on solaris where it did background after 60 seconds. We played with the timeo parameter, setting it to only a couple of seconds, with no effect. There is no output in messages-log.

    So - how can we get backgrounding of filesystem mounts to work on rhel5 as i does on solaris?


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    no suggestions? trying my best to get answers from redhat support, but they seem uninterested.

    Does anyone use backgrounding on rhel5 and can say that it works? or on any other linux?

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