I installed a new photo card into a Canon digital camera. The memory card was low level formatted using the camera itself.

When I connected the digital camera through a usb cable to the OS (Fedora , the OS was not able to mount the card into the filesystem. I tried manually mounting it, but I was not successful.
#mount: special device /dev/sdc1 does not exist
# mount: /dev/sdc1 is not a block device

Also, the data recovery programme photorec was not able to detect the memory card.

However, Fedora offers the option of importing photos from the card each time I connect the camera to it, but I could not mount the card into the filesystem.

Is it possible that the mount failed because the memory card is not formatted into filesystem like vfat or other equivalents?

Is there a way of mounting such a card without formatting?

Is it possible to mount a NON block device?

Is it possible to recover deleted photos from unformatted memory card using photorec or similar programmes?

Thanks in anticipation