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    convert shell script to binary format


    Need to convert a shell script to a binary executable form,so that script is not readable and could not be altered.

    I used shc (the shell script compiler) , but shc is not working in cygwin.
    I am using Cygwin as the linux simulator .

    Is there any alternative method in cygwin.

    Thanks in advance

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    Linux Enthusiast meton_magis's Avatar
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    i'm about 95% certain that what your asking is imposible. If your trying to keep people from altering your code, it's better to just set strict permisions, and inform people not to mess with it. If your trying to keep your source a secret, then i'm 99% sure that even if you could make it binary, it would be posible to turn it back ( I know perl can be, and it's pretty similar to bash in regards to interpritation)
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    Even if it is Binary executable form it can be reverse engineered, as meton_magis said permissions are probably the best way to go that is simple and enforcable.


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