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    Server Connectivity: Setting Up, I need guidelines, or Ideas

    Hello guys,

    well, currently i have my server implanted at the server farm. Currently, i don't know the version of the server or name of the O/S, but from what i get to know : it's (1)[Linux Advance Server -as mentioned by my bosses]

    secondly, i have another server, running on my network , and installed with (2)[Linux Red Hat 9.0].

    to make things clear, i wana implement a pipeline, or proxy between 2 servers, eg :

    [server farm, w/ip] (1)<datas-------- internet -------------datas>(2) [my local network]

    i dont know/not confirmed, whether i am using the correct techology(termed : proxy). are there n e possibilities, and perhaps some hints or resources which is clear and able me to follow(step-by-step) ?

    i need help please. thank you


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    What kind of traffic do you want to pass between the two machines? How you configure things depends on what you are trying to do.

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    i just wana pass string from server (2)[local network:dynamic ip]---strings---->internet------>string--->[intermediator](1)

    where server (1) has an intermediator to read the string.[actually the intermediator is up to read string from other gateway]

    problem is how to make a direct connction to the server ? does it uses proxy ?

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    I'm still not clear on what you are trying to accomplish. What strings are you trying to pass on to the server in the server farm URLS, telnet sessions, or something else. Do you have a custom piece of software you are running and trying to connect to. It almost sounds like you want to use the server int the server farm as the gateway for traffice to the internet from your local network, if this is the case you probably want to look into VPN solutions, or another form of tunneling.

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    ok.. thanks for the reply. well, actually i was trying to deploy a chat server.

    currenly, i have a local server on my network, named devel (developement server). it is meant for software development purpose. the chat server is working fine, especially connecting thru locals(192.169.x.y). but to enable it working on the net, i need kinda mechanism/solutions where messages can pass thru locals to the server on the server farm(a server which has static ip add). it means, it'll be kinda tunneling or proxy-ing solutions.


    devel[169.168.x.y]---------------internet-----------server[at server farm]
    ^----need a solution*------^
    * need a method of connectivity

    now i am wondering / or seeking solution, are there a way to make a connection between my local server with the server on the server farm directly ? do i need to install something / or n e solutions on configuring the ports on both servers ?

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