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    server setup newbie

    This may sound like a really dumb question to most of you, however, this is my first attempt at setting up a server, let alone a domain server. I have a server with Xenon Dual core processors. I am planning to install Fedora 9 on this server. It will be used for web hosting, mail, sql, dns etc.

    This problem I am having is in regards to my domain name. I have registered it through with no hosting. They current have it parked at an IP address under their DNS. I have purchased a static IP address from my ISP and they have provided me with their DNS information.

    When installing fedora 9 you are asked to provide your domain information:

    IE: along with IP address, default gateway, subnet mask and 2 DNS.

    Who's information would I use during this install? Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated.


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    You install your server with a LOCAL ip number (from the local netwerk it is a part of).
    The EXTERNAL ip number given to you by your ISP points to the modem/router you have. All you need to do is make sure the incoming traffic on the neccesary services (SSH, HTTP, MAIL, etc.) is forwarded by the modem/router to your server which is connected through the local netwerk to the modem

    And by the way, there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers!

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