Hi Forum Denizens!

I recently posted this message on another board here. I was referred to you guys, in the hopes that you could help me, since the Linpus-Lite on the Aspire One is based on "fc8"

I'm primarily a Windows user, due to my work/educational situations. I recently acquired an Acer Aspire One laptop running Linpus Linux, and I haven't had the opportunity to explore it fully, but so far, I am extremely impressed.

I've put the machine into "advanced mode", but I've been unable to install a working version of Comix. The install appears to go well, but when I launch the program, it refuses to read anything that's been rar (.cbr) or zip (.cbz)'d.

I tried to find unrar, but my package manager (I think that's what it's called) doesn't seem to have it available.

I'll thank you all for your time and assistance. I love this machine, and I REALLY love this OS, and I can't wait to learn more about it. Thank You all in advance for your help.