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    Post Network Service not starting at boot

    I'm definitely a newbie with fedora/linux but im picking up on all of this good stuff pretty quick. Ok basically im attempting to run an http server on a FF9 install.
    Before i did much with the server and everything i was able to boot and get online immediately. Now everytime i boot eth0 has no ip address. On top of which when trying "ifup " or "ifup eth0" and yes im in root/ using sudo command. It says
    dhcpclient(1641) already running....
    So i attempted "network start" and same thing fails citing
    dhcpclient(1641) already running.... RTNETLINK answers: file exists

    So everytime i have to run
    network restart
    before i get and Ip address. I've been looking online for awhile now and not finding anything. please help me.... Im loving CLI makes life interesting, but cant fade all these problems.

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    Did you try giving a fixed ip address to eth0 ?

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    no, i mean i guess thats a good point considering im trying to run a server. But it still show pick up a dhcp ip address.
    when i checked earlier too it was actually not running and disabled. I enabled so i can use the network connection utility to activate eth0 which itself basically sends a "ifup" command which doesnt work unless the network service is running.
    one thing i did notice when i am in X (gnome) after a reboot, and i check services it says that the service is running but not enabled. Which i did and restarted to the same result.

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    Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0


    #chkconfig network on

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    Hi, eunit3130! Welcome to LinuxForums!

    On top of which when trying "ifup " or "ifup eth0" and yes im in root/ using sudo command.
    The command is actually
    ifconfig eth0 (up/down)
    Try those and post back with results.

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    i believe the answer of "l4ever" is absolutely appropriate.

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    i checked the ifcfg-eth0 file.. that option was already yes.

    when i run ps -C network i get nothing too
    ps axo stat,tty,ppid,pid,comm | more
    i definitely didntly see the network service, yet if i try "network start" it tells me that dhclient is already running so i have to "network restart" before i get an ipaddress.

    Just today i changed it to a static ip and it worked. But when trying to get an address from the dhcp server it still is not working......

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