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    Resources and kerio mail server.

    I am pretty new to linux unfortunately, I was able to get a mail server up and running, but since I am new to it, troubleshooting the OS is pretty much a no-go since I barely know where anything is, or what to look for if something is wrong.

    I did check the system monitor as well as the smtp logs and here is what I got.

    Looks pretty high to me, but the fact that I have not been actively monitoring the resources means it could be normal for all I know.

    If anyone has some insight it would really help.

    The box randomly locked up it seemed and had to be restarted twice in the last week, for the past few months it has been fine though.


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    Sorry, I figured out what it was. It was VNC! I had minimized the window for a bit and went back in and saw the change in CPU and network usage shoot up as soon as I started to use VNC again.

    Though this does not help at all with email issues with all the connections, but I suppose thats better off in the kerio forum.


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