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    How to Add PHP to httpd.conf

    HI, please excuse my possibly noob question. I am trying to install LAMP to a centos 5 machine (apache 2.2.) Everything seems to have installed ok, and I have tried adding lines into the httpd.conf file to get it to read PHP. I cant remember the exact lines, but one was a "Load Module" and another was "Addtype application", and also a "directoryindex" line. Anyway, after making these alterations, I am still not able to load the php test page. DO i need to do anything else? can someone tell me the corrected modifications to make to the http.conf file? thanks
    Also... the php installation seems to have both php 4 and 5... is php 5 back compatible, or do i need both? do i then need to modify the httpd.conf file for both?

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    root@posix:~# cat /etc/httpd/httpd.conf | grep -i include | grep -i php
    Include /etc/httpd/mod_php.conf

    Make sure that line is uncommented.

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    that line doesnt exist, infact, nothing in the httpd.conf file mentions php

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    post the stdout from this:

    ls -R /etc/httpd/ | grep -i php

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