Hi Everyone,

I started to install Fedora yesterday, upon install fedora would pick up my graphics card as a Nvidia 9600gt 512mb(it is actually a 1gb card, then the screen would go black and the monitor would say out of range.

I got round this by entering the code linux=skip ddc vesa, and the install was succesfull. I then booted fedora and after the point where is say udev ok the screen would go black again. I managed to find a post that suggested I remove rhgb quiet and from the boot command and enter 3 and that took me to a screen where I had a number of options . I was able to change the screen resolution to 800x600 and change the nvidia driver to vesa. This worked and I could now boot into the desktop and was ready to try install my Nvidia drivers.

I followed the livna method in the terminal which I not certain what that did and rebooted then tried to install the nvidia drivers but it was still saying something about the kernel and asks if I would like nvidia to download something to compile itself then it say dns error please try again later.

I have tried to use nano to set the default back to vesa but found that it5 is already set at vesa and I cannot load livna because I cannot get to the mainscreen to turn on my wireless nor can I get to the terminal.

Can anyone help.