I own a Uniwill 258KA0 with a widescreen LCD Display and am currently running Fedora Core 2 64 bit edition. For the most part, everything seems to be working ok. However, I am having some problems with finding a driver for the widescreen display on the laptop. I specifically need a 1280 x 800 driver, which I assume, just as in windows, must be a 64 bit driver since it is a 64 bit OS. Right now I am running in 1024 x 768, and it doesn't look too bad, but I could definately use some more screen real estate.

The other problem I seem to be having is with USB devices, while booting, the OS will freeze while scanning for USB devices, however, if I unplug the devices and then plug them in later, while it is officially scanning for hardware changes, it will detect the hardware and install it. Everything will work the first time, but will freeze again on the next reboot, any ideas on this? I have two devices plugged in through a USB hub, one is my USB mouse, and the other is just a notebook cooler which uses USB for power, but is not connected to the laptop for any singnals.

Lastly, as a general linux question, how do you mount NTFS Windows partitions to be read by Linux? I remember these partitions are read only, but I just need to be able to access my files to use with linux.

Thanks for all your help,