Hey there,

I did a fresh install of Fedora 9 a few days agao. A weird problem is occuring whenever I play an mp3 in the Rhythmbox music player. The code installer box pops up and states that I need some codecs; the only thing is, is that the codecs cost money. I went on irc to the #fedora channel and asked for some help, but all I can say is that some of the people on there are pretty rude. Anyway, one of the guys told me that I need all of the gstreamer and xine plugins. Well I installed all of them through add/remove softare. However, when I play an mp3 the codec box still pops up. Note: I CAN play mp3s and dvds. I just want this annoying pop up box to GO AWAY!

I thank you for your help,


PS The codec installer states I need these codecs: x-rar decoder and application/smil decoder.