I am sure that this topic has been asked elsewhere on this forum, but I have tried the suggestions of many, many web pages and individuals now, and I can't quite figure out how to play CD's on FC2. I am really impressed so far with the useability and appearance of this system, but playing CDs and DVDs should not be this big of a challenge, and is a pretty big part of any OS.

First off, whenever I place a CD in either the CD or DVD drive, it will autorun the default CD player, (not XMMS) as though it is playing the files. If I plug in a pair of headphones into the drive that the CD is in, I can hear it. If, however, I try to use XMMS to play the files (which should have MP3 capabilities) then it acts as though it can't find anything in the /MNT/CD1 or /MNT/CD2 directories, even if there is a disc in one of these drives.

I read somewhere that Totem worked well as an all-encompassing media player on FC2, but don't know if this is true or not. I have been able to find, on various websites, the exact same problems that other people are encountering and expert's responses to them, but sometimes the result on my computer is not the same; I have no idea why. Any help anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.