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    hard drive getting too full

    Hi There,

    My ISP only installed 4 gigs of hard drive space on my managed server, only found out about this recently, :0 -- anyway I'm a bit above newby but some of the concepts I've searched and didnt find the answer:

    1. how can I find the disk capacity of a folder and all of its subfolders using a bash shell?

    1b. how can I find out the most recent access time for ANY file in a given directory (to determine freshness)?

    2. for the time being, may I delete the following files:

    3. can I delete
    /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive ???

    This would get me started on taking this situation back from the dogs. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Sam Fullman

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    du -h /etc
    1b) This lists the files under /path that have been modified less than x days ago. You can also use x (for x days ago) or +x (for more than x days ago)

    find /path -ctime -x
    2) Those look like databases that are crucial for the sanity of your system, so I would not suggest deleting them. (though I'm not sure on this...didn't have time to research it thoroughly)

    3) That file looks, again, like it my break your system by not having it. But once again, I'm not sure why due to lack of time to research.

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