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    networking windows and linux

    hello there;

    well i would like to look for guidance on how-to inter-connect two machines, where machine [a] are linux-based and [b] machine, which is in windows-based?

    and, is this the correct software ( samba ) to be used on linux to have a bridging on both machines?

    actually the main purpose of my idea,- to build a vb based chat client, and linux based chat server.

    eg. client(windows) has the ip of, and uses port 8888
    while the server (linux) has the ip of and listens to port 8888
    then the chat will sends parameter to the server using the port above.

    is it possible to do so in multi enviroment?

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    Networking Linux and Windows

    Samba is OK for file sharing between the OS you mentioned - see Redhat Unleashed for an excellent guide. Check out for an excellent cross platform example of a chat server using Flash Actionscript 2.0 and ASP. I've used it with a more complicated hybrid network (RH8 with FTP/Web and Mail servers, MS NT4, 2000 Server, Professional and SBS 2003) with no problems. Always think the solution is simple - as it usually is.

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    thanks for the info.- the info is more to web based solutions.

    but i wanted something like vb clients connecting directly to the linux server, and it dosn't use web tools/technology. means tht.. err realtime.

    but thanks n e way.. and i hope tht there r better solutions.

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    re: vb clients connecting to linux server

    So your are wanting to implement a socket server on a linux box that can connect to vb clients? see

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    oh.. thanks n e way.. : )

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    It is verymuch possible to do what you are trying to do. Sockets do the work for you. It is very similar to how your internet explorer is connecting to this site. The secret is sockets... and TCP/IP. TCP/IP can make multi platforms talk to each other

    Cheers and have fun..

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