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    Newbie Help Required Setting Up Mail

    Hi Everyone
    I wonder if someone can help me before I totally lose the plot and explode.

    I have a two Linux machines, one is a desktop, the other a server, both are running RedHat, however I do not know what version. I have tried to find the command that tells me what it is but cannot. This is the first problem.

    The second problem is basically to do with mail. I only use these for scripting ie automating jobs etc and then mailing the results back to me.
    Everything was fine and I used to get email from root@blahblah etc.

    Unfortunately my IT group forgot about me (I am at work) and decided to remove the SMTP server that my mails were going to. God only knows how they were getting there as I have details of the server but cannot find any references to that at all. All I can assume is that somehow they found there way to the right place.

    This now means that I cannot send any mail from these boxes. I have since been told that the way I was using mail was a bit strange. I was using the command line ie at the bottom of my scripts i would do something like

    cat RESULTS | mail -s "HERE ARE THE RESULTS"

    This would work fine but the chaps here are saying that this will not work on the new network as this is not an actual mail but more of a command and the new SMTP server will not be able to handle it.

    They are telling me that I need to install an SMTP server on the PC to enable this to work.

    Does this make sense to anyone at all. Its soooo far over my head it is unreal.



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    If you have sendmail, qmail, postfix, etc. installed on your server box then it should work. Those are MTAs: mail transfer agents. SMTP is a part of them, but they do so much more. But installing/configuring one of those should fix your problem.
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