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Thread: rhel repos

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    rhel repos

    i am using rhel5 and with no lic key, i am looking for free repositories, can i get fedora repo and add it in rhel5 ? since i tried many repo most of them are incomplete for instance when i tried downloading vlc it states dev lib not found etc etc, so can one help me in getting getting fedora repos, i am not using rhel anywhere but i am just testing it in my home. thanks.

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    I'd recommend looking at CentOS as a replacement/substitute for RHEL. It's the same thing, but without the Red Hat logos and paid support channels.

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    the problem is i am not willing to install centos there is no way to have a good stable repos or even fedora or centos repo installed in rhel5 ?

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    If you are not willing to use CentOS (or any other free RHEL rebuilds), then you either have to pay for an RHEL license so you can access the repos or rebuild RHEL source rpms and install the resulting packages manually (which is the hard way). There are several repos out there e.g. epel and dag, but they only provide packages that complement those in RHEL. Using the Fedora repos will probably cause you problems because although RHEL 5 is built from a Fedora 6 base, there are many things that are different.

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    thankyou very much for making it very clear, now i will use Fedora 10, (Y) convinced specially what you told me about dag and epel, i was trying to do the same but to no avail and yeah ozar sorry for not listening you on the first place.

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