I am trying to install redhat 6.2 or 7.3 without luck on the m575-k6-2, 64 meg. memory. I have found the following on usenet:

As the board was designed, before the K6-2 was out, there is
a problem with the voltage regulator:

The regulator needs a minimum load for proper operation.
Under Linux, the K6-2 does not provide the necessery load,
and the core-voltage may rise from 2.2V up to 2.8V!
That can (and likly will) crash the machine.

As Lose95/98 don't have a power saving idle mode, the current
is always high enough when using those interrupt handlers.

Temporary Solution:
You can provide an CPU-Time consuming "idle-loop" (or is it a
"busy-loop" :-) ):

main() {for(;;);};

Where would I put the obove command, and Hopefully before the system hung. How should I proceed.