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Thread: Fedora 2 woops

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    Fedora 2 woops

    Installed Fedora 1 and got all the upgrades for it .

    my installation "requiries" a floppy boot disc becasue the BIOS doesn't recognize my 160 gig hitache drive.

    Fedora 1 had me create a boot disc prior to the reboot after installation.

    All peripherals USB2 card; CD-RW; HP 720 printer; ETH0 all worked

    Downloaded and md5sum checked all Fedora core 2 iso.

    Attempted install of Fedora 2 keeping existing partitions; update to core 2

    note: Anaconda did not allow creation of floppy boot disc ? ? ? forcing me to try boot with Fedora core 1 disc
    (major) failures; rejected all peripherial settings were rejected; gnome desktop failed; leaving me left with boot in terminal mode with know idea how to recover except to try a reinstalll of core 2

    I removed all partitions and reinstalled core 2. Same sort of failures as just reported.

    As I write I hope Fedora core 1 is finnishing installation and that I can either use the old boot floppy or anaconda requests me to make a new one.

    Open to suggestions on how to get Fedora core 2 installed

    thank you

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    I've upgraded various FC1 systems to FC2.
    The fasted and easiest way was by use of Synaptic.
    A graphical interface for APT, but you'll need a broadband connection sinds it downloads all rpms.

    An upgrade from CD should work too.
    AFter you upgraded to FC2 everything failed ....?
    You don't need to use a bootdisk to startup with FC2.
    It modifies the GRUB and after you reboot it should boot from your HD and continue.

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    really ! it doesn't need a boot disc.. that would be nice but I don't quite see how .

    The BIOS Primary HD is set to NONE otherwise the BIOS "locks" if I try AUTO or USER (if I recall the options it offers) . Yes the BIOS "locks up" I can not F10 / record the settings. When my old drive died that had RH 10 it was a HITACHI 140 gig. I replaced it with a HATACHI 160 and I guess it was too much for the BIOS to handle. (3 year warrenty on new one, old one was 5 months over 1 yr warrenty)

    So it was nice to see that I could get FC 1 installed and rebootable with a floppy. Unless you are saying I should set the boot routine to first check the HD after installing FC 2. Right not it's set to sequence boot from CDROM -> Floppy -> HD or is it CDROM -> HD -> Floppy. In any case the HD is not found until FC-1 boot floppy runs.

    Yea so much showed up as failed in the boot up of FC2 I couldn't imagine trying to list it here. I was suprised it booted to a terminal mode... which leaves me pretty much flamoxed without digging having to deep into linux manuals.

    keep comming with ideas... In the mean time I'm going to make some more install attempts of FC-2 testing your suggestions.. I've now run into some bumps in the road getting FC-1 reinstalled but hope one way or another to get something working again

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    Just FYI, FC2 uses the 2.6 kernel, which is too large to fit on a floppy, therefore a boot diskette is not an option. If you can't boot from HDD, I don't know what other options you have. Sorry!

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