hey everybody I am new to this, and I am pretty young too, I started useing computers when i was 12 when I moved to USA form Uzbekistan. First I used a laptop, then Windows 2000 Desktop, and then built my own computer, and installed Windows XP Pro, formated a bit and installed, Fedora Core a year ago, I dont know what version though, and now when i got o Fedora Core when i boot the computer the system does not recognize the mouse nor the keyboard, but that is not the problem, I got so sick of my windows that now im gonna uninstall windows and install Fedora Core, or any other good Linux system that is free, what im trying to do is save some word and music and other files to the Linux from windows, I am thinking of formating my drive to two and delet ethe provious Fedora Core uninstall windows and Install Linux in the place of it, my question is can i reach onto the other formatted place and get those files and then reformat everything onto one partition?? my HD size is 160Gig. I just started learning more about Linux so if you have any tips about which operating system i should use or anythuing else I would love to hear it