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    FC2 hangs on startup


    I'm pretty new to linux( mainly used my linux box to complie - don't know the system too well...).
    I used to run XP & RH9 (dual boot) but decided to move on in life and installed FC2. Installation went smoothly (I'm using the XP boot loader - to avoid the change in disk geometry) and - *phew* didn't lose any of my data - BUT, when I try to run FC2 it just hangs... troubles start when:
    "starting NFS4 idmapd"
    holds the system. After a while (a pretty long while - a few minutes!) it will go on to:
    "Initializing random number generator"
    at this point it will totaly hang. No matter what I do, it just sits there, hanged.
    after cold booting (nothing else did the trick) the system will start to come up but hang againg on:
    "enabling swap space".

    Got no clue... I'm thinking about rolling back to RH...


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    Could you post your hardware?.It seems to be a hard disk problem but i am not sure

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    Fedora Core 2 has been known to cause issues with MS Windows XP. Here's an article that may help:
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    my HW:

    I'm running a P4 - 2.6 Ghz, running on ASUS board, with a 256MB RAM. My disk is 80Gb (IDE) and is partitioned the following way:
    3 Primary - used for diffrent drives NTFS.
    1 Extended - includes /boot, /, swap and another partition -FAT32 as a linwin drive.

    As for the article... well, I've seen it b4 posting my topic here, couldn't find anything of use... my XP works fine (touch wood...) and I couldn't find anything that looked promising there....

    Cheers and beers,

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