I want to put various files on a DVD along with a kickstart file, and have those files copied during the %post section. Googling led me top several mentions of how Red Hat broke anaconda and made it eject the CD/DVD too early. I also found a post which supposedly described how to fix this (create a new stage2.img that has two lines in dispatch.py swapped). I followed that process (mounted the original stage2.img, copied the contents to a new directory, made the change to dispatch.py, and used mksquashfs to create a new stage2.img) However, after copying my new stage2.img into my DVD and creating an ISO, it doesn't work... after loading drivers for SCSI, I get a message:

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server CD was not found in any of your CDROM drives. Please insert the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server CD and press OK to retry.

Alt-F3 shows the last line as "ejecting /tmp/cdrom..."

So, the "fix" I found actually made things worse!

What is the real answer here? What do I need to do to keep the DVD mounted during %post?