guys im making a bootable linux on a diskette.. however, theres always an error regarding the job control.. and it says:

/bin/ash : cant access tty: job control is turned off.

im aving difficulty debugging the program..

under my /etc/ scripts are :

fstab gshadow init.d profile shadow
group hosts inittab passwd securetty termcap

in my inittab:
This is run first except when booting in single user mode
# /bin/sh invocations on selected ttys
# Start an "askfirst" shell on the console (whatever that may be)
# Start an "askfirst" on /dev/tty2-4
# Stuff to do when restarting the init process
# Stuff to do before rebooting
::shutdown:/bin/umount -a -r
::shutdown:/sbin/swapoff -a

do you think you can help me with the modification of the inittab or perhaps in other files under etc so that there will be no more error the next time i boot the diskette..

any help will be appreciated smile.gif