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    User, Group permissions in Redhat Linux ES 3.0


    I have Redhat Linux ES 3.0 on HP Hardware and have the following questions.If somebody answers these questions, I will be grateful.

    1 I would like a create a user group called 'projectusers' and it contains around 10 users. This individual user(member of projectusers) can login into the machine but s/he should not create, modify files.How can I do that on group level? (ie) The whole group shouldn't create,modify the files when they login but they can su to some group id's.

    2 I would like to create another group called 'webadmin' and all web related software will be installed under this account.When I create a group called 'webadmin', Is it necessary to create a userid called 'webadmin'? Because the above users(projectusers) should su to webadmin to work. I want to add some of the members of projectusers to webadmin group and it helps them to su to webadmin.How can I do that?

    3 I want to restrict the projectusers and webadmin members to su to root.How can I do that?

    I know , these questions are big but I am in a delegate situation to learn these stuffs.Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    Re: User, Group permissions in Redhat Linux ES 3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by majicrobot
    3 I want to restrict the projectusers and webadmin members to su to root.How can I do that?
    Don't put them in the 'wheel' group.

    I can't really make any sense out of the first two questions, so please rephase them.

    From what I can tell, you want users to be able to do nothing until they su to another user. Why? That makes no sense whatsoever. If the users are going to be working on webadmin things (or whatnot), then have them log in as that user to begin with. It seems like you are adding a pointless step in the middle there.
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    Re:User, Group permissions in Redhat Linux ES 3.0

    Thanks for your reply.

    I need the 'projectusers' group because we may use RSA Keon as a security system.This is the scenario. We have around 500 developers in our company.All 500 are part of 'projectusers' which is replicated in RSA Keon centralized Server.As I said, this userid allows them to login into the machine and I don't want to have any single file in their own rights.

    After they login, they can su to webadmin and use the system.Few developers out of 500 will be part of webadmin group.


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