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    Help critical temperature

    Is there any way of changing the critical shut down temperture or turn it off and have the motherboard tell its getting hot?

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    if it has an option to check your temps, then i would suggest getting software to read it so you can see it(if you dont have it already), i use gkrellm . If its getting that hot then either the threshold is set too low, or it really is getting that hot. I would assume there are settings for that in your BIOS

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    its set low. I know in my bios it is set diffrent (higher) than whats is shutting down at.

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    Now its doing it at a lower temperture. It was doing it at 60 now its doing it at 57.

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    well what did you change? (ew 57? try and cool your system off better. mine rarely if ever rises above 53, and normaly stays at around 45-47)

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    I did not change anything and Im working on coolling my computer i am planning on buying a better heatsink.

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    might i suggest a thermaltake volcano 12? thats what i have and it cools awesome, its a little noisey, but it has a variable fan speed(two speed pots and a temp sensor on your cpu)

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    well is there a way to change the temperture when the computer shuts down.
    Dont tell me the bios thats set for 85c

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    to be honest, aside from the bios, or a seperate program that you most likely had to install, ive never heard of that happening unless it gets EXTREAMLY overheated, like 85C

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