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    Sun attacking Red Hat -- What do you think?

    I ran across this story and was wondering what everyone else thinks.,39020505,39167442,00.htm

    My own thoughts are, (if this is true) how stupid are these companies? First SCO and now SUN -- different routes same end results. Do I smell M$?

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    I think perhaps this belongs in The Coffee Lounge, since it's more of a discussion thread than a question/answer thread.

    That being said, Sun is on my black list right now because of their two-faced Linux strategy. Sun believes Linux = Red Hat, and that's just silly. What's even more silly is that Sun is attacking Linux in one arena (with their blatant attacks at Redhat) and trying to embrace it in another (by selling Linux on their servers and expounding its virtues with their Java Desktop).

    Lest we forget that Sun is now in bed with Microsoft, the absolute enemy of Linux, to the tune of $20 million. What Sun doesn't seem to realize is that whenever Microsoft makes an agreement with a company like Sun, they do so to use them like an attack dog on Microsoft's behalf until they're broke (SCO). Sun has signed its own death sentence as far as I can tell, and unless there's a major upset in the balance of power (say for instance a new CEO) they're going to two-face their way right out of market viability. But then, that's just my two cents.
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    I agree w/ techiemoe, but in response...

    I think it's exactly what put MS in power in the first place... So many variants of UNIX, and everyone trying to make theirs The One, and their hardware, regardless of what the others were doing. They shot themselves in the foot. Corporate pigs are greedy pigs, and they'll do anything to be the ones at the trough, regardless of the outcome for the others or even themselves. I personally think that OpenSource is stronger then that. The OpenSource community is making great strides in making sure we're not divided and conquered, hence this topic:

    Neither Sun nor SCO are OpenSource, so in my mind, their opinions don't matter anyway.

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