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    notepad compatible text editor

    i'm doing some web design work and i'm wondering if anyone can recommennd me a text editor that is compatible with notepad under Windows?

    i really love gedit... it has the coloring effects and some tab feature that i love having in Editplus 3

    the only problem is, tabs seems to be unrecognized by editplus/notepad...

    any sugestions? cheers

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    doing web design maybe "bluefish" suit for you.

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    Don't know feature-wise, but 'leafpad' available in LXDE, looks exact linux-copy of 'notepad'. Have you tried it?
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    notepad compateble text editor

    my suggestion is better use Emacs
    its powerfull text-editor with lot many features...
    download emacs for windows and install it....
    after installing emacs you need to know basic command for operating emasc...dont worry this manual u will get along with emacs....means every start -up of emacs..first it will display some options ...there you will find manual option
    here is the link
    Installing Emacs on Windows 95/98/2K/NT/ME/XP/Vista

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    i'm specifically after an editor that is compatible with notepad on Windows... i've tried bluefish with no luck... Gedit is awesome but the tab feature is unrecognizable in notepad

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    Text editor Notepad, WordPad, TextPad, Vim, Xemacs, ...

    1) Kedit (KDE).
    2) Gedit (Gnome).
    3) Gnotepad.
    4) Kate (KDE).
    5) KWrite (KDE).
    6) Nedit.
    7) Vim.
    9) Xcoral.
    10) Nvi.
    11) Ozeditor.
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    Here's a listing with some other text editors that you can try:

    List of text editors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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