Dear users,

at the moment I have a big problem with thel 5.3 and xen guest io performance.
It is quit slow and hangs during operations. If I create a img file on the dom0 I get this result:

104857600 Bytes (105 MB) copied, 0,231527 sec, 453 MB/s

If I run the same command in the domU I got this:

104857600 Bytes (105 MB) copied, 14,725 sec, 7,1 MB/s

it doesn't need 14 sec, in the realtime it needs about 1 min

If the domU ist fresh restartet I get this:

104857600 Bytes (105 MB) copied, 0,321997 sec, 326 MB/s

I use a normal disk image in dom0 for the domU, I have no more idea what it could be. The guest is paravirtual installed rhel. During the installation I have the same problem during create the filesystem. It starts and goes directly to 98% and then it need 20min to finished it.

I'm glad for every information.