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    help! mozilla doesn't do name lookup

    I recently upgraded from RH9 to FC2. Mozilla seems to hang when ever it has to do a name lookup.(i.e. I know my network setup is fine because I can ping.(>ping

    When I use the format to load a web page, mozilla works fine. What am I missing?

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    check to see if its actually mozilla or something else. install another browser such as Konquerer, galeon, epiphany or firebird. and see if they do it as well.

    you could also try one of the text based browsers like lynx
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    Can you have a firewall configured? Or a proxy?

    ping isn't a good way to test your network resolution because it uses your /etc/hosts file if it can...

    A much better way of trying to connect to the same site is to use telnet 80... (that way you will know if it is a problem with mozilla or with something else..)



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    The firewall in FC2 is disabled. The firewall I use is in the router and it is in common with the other computers on the network. No problems with other computers. The only computers in the /etc/hosts file are on the LAN.

    Telnet works!!
    I've updated mozilla and related packages from 1.6(something) to 1.7.3.

    Upon further study, the message area on mozilla reads:

    "resolving host"

    then (after a minute)...

    "Connecting to"

    prior to the operation timing out.

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    Additionally, it does not matter which browser I use. Mozilla, lynx, ephiphany

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    does a
    give a quick response? (< 1-2 sec)


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    host yields a response < 1 second

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