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    Connecting Fedora Core 2 To the internet in a network..

    I really need help!
    I've tried to connect my computer to my home network and thus get access to the web.
    I have an EdiMax router, that is connected to an eci modem.
    The router has my connection details (user name,password,ISP) and the modem is for you know what (i didn't know how to describe it ).
    now. my network card (the one thats used to connect my computer to the router), is statused 'ok' by Fedora (Gnome), but the device is statused 'inactive' and so i cannot connect to the web.

    I would like someone to guide me through configuring my system so I could connect to the internet.

    by the way, I'm new at linux, so i'd like you to explain were to write something or i dont know what you will tell me to do

    10X everybody

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    and let me know if it helped you...


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    it didnt help..

    it just created another device.. but when i tried to activate it i couldn't..
    fedora wasn't able to determine my IP..


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    static or dhcp?

    Is your router able to or configured as a dhcp server?
    if it is then it should be fairly easy run the network config utility from within FC2.

    Otherwise find out what IP address your router is using.
    If say its using then you could run a command like this
    ifconfig eth0
    assuming your ethernet card is eth0.
    then you need a gateway.
    route add default gw
    Also make sure you edit your /etc/resolv.conf file show the nameservers your ISP assigns.

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