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Thread: Video Problem

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    OK, thanks for your time, one last thing, if can I provide VertSyncRate as well?

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    I'm not real sure about that either, but I don't *think* you need it. Just the HorizSync and VertRefresh.
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    Try changing the both DefaultColorDepth and Depth to 24.

    Section "Screen" 
        Driver      "accel" 
        Device      "Intel 815" 
        Monitor     "GSM3ad7" 
        DefaultColorDepth 16 
        Subsection "Display" 
            Depth       16 
            Modes       "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480" 
            ViewPort    0 0 
    I had encountered the same error and changed the value from 16 to 24 and x server started perfectly. Not sure it will work for you as i am also a newbie to linux.

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    I tried everything you people suggested but no luck , well I noticed mode lines and non usable mode lines in error. Can anyone guide me in how can I add a custom modeline for my monitor? I think that'd help. Here are the specs for my monitor.
    Max Resolution : 1024 x 768 / 67 Hz
    Max Sync Rate (V x H) : 90 Hz x 54 kHz

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