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Thread: files too big!

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    files too big!

    My computer was finally fixed today.. and so I thought I'd give Redhat another shot.

    I played around with a lot of different features, and I think I figured out how to install programs! Go me..

    Now the problem is that installed Grip because I wanted to rip all my cds on my bigger hard drive.

    The first problem what that it wouldn't let me rip and encode, even though I really don't understand the difference between that and just ripping... I just got a message saying:

    "Invalid encoder executable
    Check your encoder cofig"

    I didn't understand that (Suprise!). So I tried ripping, and it worked.
    Problem number 2:
    I found the songs, but they're huge! They're all about 40 MB each.

    Does the encoding make them smaller? And if so, how do I turn it on?

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    the files are .wav format right? Check out the tool oggenc to encode them into much smaller ogg vorbis files. I am not shure where you can choose this in grip, but perhaps the documentation says something about it.

    Good luck

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