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is it possible to restart /start/stop all services at the same time without rebooting?...
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    restart all services

    is it possible to restart /start/stop all services at the same time without rebooting?

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    The short answer is "yes". It can be scripted, or you can go to the Administration -> Server Settings -> Service Management (Services) tool and do it visually. The location of the tool in your start menu tree may differ, depending upon whether you are running RHEL/CentOS or Fedora and which GUI you are using (KDE or Gnome). The one I mention is for RHEL/CentOS running KDE3.
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    Thing is, the System V init stuff starts and stops services in a pre-defined sequential order, you'd do well to try and follow this sequence, which could make it messy (and dangerous if you're logged in remotely and stop the networking service...)

    You probably don't want to re-boot the machine - perhaps you could change to runlevel 1 and back? That'd do it pretty easily.
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    init 1 is fine, just make sure you either have
    a) local access to the box or
    b) a network-enabled kvm attached or
    c) some sort of out-of-band remote management
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