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    Uninstalling Fedora

    Hey everyone, Searched through the forums a bit and found some information. But still a little confused.
    I want to unistall fedora. I deleted the windows partion so its only fedora on the current HD. I want windows again, so what I tryed to do was boot from the windows xp cd. The screen goes black and does not boot from the cd.
    What do I need to completely uninstall fedora and install windows again (I can do the windows part)

    Thanks everyone!

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    use a live cd or an install and format all drives, remove the current partition table, then the windows installation cd should work

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    whats a live cd?

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    a version of linux that you boot up from cd rom and use but it runs directly from memory and you dont have to install it to disc...check out slax or damnsmalllinux or knoppix etc, and you can use root access in terminal to run parted and other programs to format your fedora partitions and erase your part table

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    do u have to pay for slax for is it free distribution?

    Where can i download fedora 4 live do i remove linux partions? and then reinstall fedora

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    hi sauravpn !

    Welcome to LinuxForums.

    SLAX is free to download.
    FC4 is old. download latest Fedora Core 6 LiveCD from here.
    how do i remove linux partions? and then reinstall fedora
    do you have any other OS installed? if not, install Fedora over existing.

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    how to use find commands to locate setuid files

    hi...I cant find a link where I can post my question, in other words, how do i start a new thread. I wanted to ask cpl of questions such as how to use FIND command to search for setuid files. Also, how to configuer sudoers in such a way that only sam and harry has root privilege to to run /sbin/telinit

    thanks fo the help

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    You can start a thread by clicking on the "New Thread" button located at the top of the list of threads in each forum.

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    need help saurav

    1. Create a umask that would give no permissions (r, w, and x) to group users and other users.
    2. Write a perl script that submits messages (you can use any example messages) to syslog with facility “user”. (May require root access)
    3. Write a Perl script which goes through the password file /etc/passwd entries one by one and points out possible problems. The potential problems to check for are:
    • Find any entries that have UID 0;
    • Find any entries that have no password (need to access /etc/shadow)
    • Find any set of entries that have duplicate UIDs
    • Find any set of entries that have duplicate login names
    • Find any entries that have no expiration date (need to access /etc/shadow)
    After you finish this perl script and test that it works correctly, use cron to schedule this script to run at 3:00am everyday.
    By default, you will get an email each time your cron job runs. Configure the crontab file to disable this feature (i.e., do not send emails).
    (Requires root access)
    4. Using man pages for du, sort, and head commands as references, write a perl script that determines which 10 directories have the largest file space usage on your system.
    5. Write a perl script that finds all the hard links on a filesystem.

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    To sauravpn:
    Please do not try and get other people to complete your homework! The whole point is to do it yourself and learn something.

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