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    Still lost

    Please help me figure this out. I installed gtk2- file as a root. That gave me 2 files:
    gtk+-2.0.6.tar.gz and gtk2.spec
    So what do I do with these files now?
    I am still getting the same error while trying to install Firefox. TIA

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    To find out if you have that library installed, run
    $ find / -name 2>/dev/null
    If you get output like
    Then you have the lib, you just have to tell the installer to include that directory. If you get no output, that means you don't have that library installed.

    Which firefox installer did you download? The tarball, rpm, what? Post the commands and exact errors you get.

    Hint, to do this, when you have an xterm open, select the text and middle click to paste.

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    I was having the same problem as Jarhead but I found a distro of Firefox binaries for Linux without GTK2 and XFT (ex. for RedHat 7.x) at

    It works great on my out of the box Redhat 7.2.

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