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Thread: OpenGL Driver

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    OpenGL Driver

    Alright heres my situation.
    Im running FC11. I have this PNY graphics card with an Nvidia Geforce (6200?) chipset. = 512 mb ram.
    I installed the drivers from nvidia correctly. I am able to run glxgears with about 1400 frames per 5 seconds.
    The thing is, I play this game, perhaps you've hear of it, called Tremulous.
    When I run tremulous in windows xp i get anywhere from 240 - 280 fps. In fc i get about 50 - 80.
    I was asking some people on this one server and we deduced that I need to update my opengl driver.
    We determined this because when I click "options" there is nothing listed for my opengl driver. I cannot change it either which tells me that there is not one installed that supports trem. The guy I talked to told me that my card would need opengl 3.2?
    Anyway, I looked all over, and I cant seem to find anything. Anyone able to help me out here?

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    So no one knows where I can get older drivers for open gl?
    Ive looked all over and I honestly cant find anywhere :/

    I also seem to have a problem with my yum installation but thats a story for a different thread...

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