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    Configure torrent client to use Particular Interface

    Dear user,

    I am using two ethernet interface, in fact one ethernet interface eth0 and other is USB netconenct ppp0.
    I am using fedora 12 - 32 bit.
    I can individually use both connections. say if i disconnect ppp0 (wvdialer), everything works fine and same in other case.

    Now my problem is i want torrent client to use ppp0 and all other applications like firefox and other use eth0. So that i can use both interfaces effectively.

    i changed in ktorrent client's configuration, and change interface to ppp0 from all interface. but it didnt work.

    When my eth0 id down i can ping using ppp0, but when eth0 is also up, i can ping via eth0 but not via ppp0 (ping xxxxx -I interface).

    can anyone tell me what is i am doing wrong?
    how can i configure torrent client to use ppp0?

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    I don't think this is possible. Your networking system can
    route your traffic out different interfaces according to
    destination, but not by application. Traffic to certain
    destinations can be routed out one interface, with other
    traffic going out the other to the default gateway.

    Sending torrent traffic on one interface and web traffic on another,
    I know of no command. All applications use the same TCP/IP

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    no i dont think its correct

    I have got two ways of connecting to two different ISP's
    eth0 is LAN interface
    and ppp0 is USB, plug and play device. its a seperate device.

    LAN is connected to office network, and USB is wireless device will connect to totally different network.

    then there must be some way that i can use both ISP at same time and can enjoy higher speed.

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    no answer?

    i cant believe that it has got no solution
    even there is a setting in ktorrent that on which interface we want ktorrent to work, but somehow its not working.....

    any one else?

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