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    dd tool usage help

    Hi Every one,

    good evening....

    i am using dd tool to copy data from one linux machine to another linux machine.

    in place of output file i am giving the second Linux machine ip adress and directory wher i wanted to copy data.but dd command is not identifying the second Linux machine path .

    i have mounted the second Linux machine from first one and its successful.

    we can see the same below from mount command on /media/usbsdisk type nfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,hard,udp,lock,intr,wsize=8 192,rsize=8192,addr=

    i am using the following command.

    dd if=/home/uce_ins/tmp/records of=

    here is the second Llinux machine ip asddress and the E is the directory i wanted to copy data from first Llinux machine.
    but dd tool is recognized the the second linux machine

    i have observed the foolowing error message

    dd if=/home/uce_ins/tmp/records of=
    dd: opening `': No such file or directory

    kindly give a suggestion how to copy data from one Linux machine to another linux machine using dd's very urgent.

    with best: regards,

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    Hello mannam srinivas!

    Pardon me if I dare suggest but since you were able to mount the second HD, maybe there is no need to put the IP address on the output file but put instead of=/dev/hdxxx.

    I'm just making a guess. Good luck!
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    Yes, if it's a mounted filesystem, you should use the path to the mount point, ie, /media/usbsdisk it looks like in your case, not the network address. I don't think dd is network aware.

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