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    Exclamation X server failed when installing RHEL

    hello everybody
    I have a vaio z ( z series) laptop.
    I want to install RHEL 5 on it, but media didn't boot in graphic mode,when i was completing the installation steps( all in text mode) at the end I see only a command line ( username logine)
    I tried other distributions and other RHEL versions that I have ( for checking my laptop) and the result become fallow in brief:
    RHEL 5.3: only boot in text mode
    RHEL 5.5: only boot in text mode
    fedora 8: boot and install in graphic mode
    fedora 8:doesn't boot
    fedora 10: boot and install in graphic
    oracle red hat enterprise 4.4:boot and install in graphic mode( but I don't like this)

    I need only RHEL 5 distribution on my laptop and I check the others for checking my laptop, please answer in simple manner,I'm not an advanced user


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    Exclamation completing my question

    excuse me , I didn't explain my problem and exact question properly.
    when I want install the RHEL media, after a couple step the
    " 1.... 2....3....4 X server failed error" was appear and the installer automatically go in text mode, and RHEL install in text mod after exhaustive steps.what can I do?i need RHEL 5 in my laptop.

    thanks in advance

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    The Vaio Z series is a relatively new computer. RHEL as an enterprise distro uses relatively old, but well tested packages, and while it can run well on some laptops, support for newer hardware will not be as good as with current desktop distros.

    This would likely be the reason Fedora 8, which long ago reached end of life, has trouble has well.

    It's likely the issue in this case is the graphics card. Best bet would probably be to use the text installer and post install fix the graphics problem.

    It looks like the machine has a dual intel 4500HD card and nvidia geforce. You will probably have a difficult time getting these fully supported in RHEL and it will likely require building a current intel driver from source.

    Configuring a NVIDIA graphics chip for CentOS and RHEL 5 [Linux Wiki Guides]

    X Server Configuration Files

    If you are paying for a RHEL subscription, I suggest utilizing their support system. Otherwise, I suggest using a free (as in beer) RHEL clone, such as CentOS or Scientific Linux.

    If you don't really need an Enterprise system, but want to learn about RHEL, I suggest running a current Fedora release. Fedora is the testing ground for RHEL technologies, so most if not all of what you learn will be applicable.

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