Hello all!

I have an internal hard drive split between Windows 7 and Fedora 12. The Fedora 12 install exists on a LVM which presents a bit of a challenge when trying to mirror the drive. I was trying to use gparted but it doesn't have support for LVM.

I discovered g4l, which does a bit-by-bit copy and ran a full disk copy using that from the 500 GB internal to a 500 GB external. Inspecting it with gparted, the copy LOOKS like it went correctly. However, when I disconnect the internal and attempt to boot to the external (specifically in the BIOS), it's unable to boot to it. It instructs me to insert bootable media and try again.

Has something gone wrong with the copy? It SEEMS like g4l finished faster than it should have given the copy rate it was operating at (I had figured out when it should finish up), but the screen saver had been on and when I came back it was back at the menu, so I don't know if it got to 100% or ended prematurely..? There were certainly no error messages...