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    RHL user statistics

    I am looking for statistics on the number of people who use RHL in comparison to other linux distros. Any help on finding up to date numbers?

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    pretty much impossible. For one, if RHL means redhat linux, it doesn't exist anymore. If you're refering to redhat ENTERPRISE linux, or RHEL, then your best bet is to lookup some official release from redhat (the company). But even then, that would be the number of redhat service contracts, the majority of which are servers, not desktops. If you're refering to redhat based systems, which would include Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, and countless others more ..... you're never going to find it. The best counter they could come up with is number of downloads, but I myself have downloaded fedora 5-12, and given out disks burned from an iso I downloaded once to many people. There is no official way of determining how many people use it, unlike windows where each licence key sold is tracked.

    that is why the "Microsoft has 99% market share in the desktop market" is complete bullcrap. No one knows what the real market share looks like.
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