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Thread: login problems

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    login problems

    Hi All

    I have a network set up that has been working for around a year with no problems but has now developed a login problem.
    The system was set up with a main server with all users on it and another PC located elsewhere that people could log onto using there personal login and password that then gained access to the account on the main server.
    This remote PC has now got the problem.
    When you try to log onto an account it comes up with the message "your session has lasted less than 10 seconds. If you have not logged out yourself this could mean there is a installation problem or that you are out of disk space."
    Error message says that no profile for the user can be found and it couldnt create per-user gnome configuration directory.
    I can log on as root onto the remote PC as it is obviously a local account but all the account on the main server are not accessible. From the root account I can see that the connection to the server is OK and I can actually log into the accounts on the server using the failsafe session so the physical network is OK.
    I never built or designed this set up and to be honest I normally work with windows so its all a bit strange to me.
    Both PC's run Centos 5. I have checked the messages log and there doesnt seem to be any indication of a problem. Just that it stopped connecting from the remote PC. The accounts are all active on the main server itself and have no problems being accessed.
    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    "another PC located elsewhere that people could log onto using there personal login"

    Can you tell us what program or client the people are using to do this login?

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    I think I may be leading you up the wrong path here Im sorry!!
    The remote PC is not a virtual display of the master. It is a node with full control of whatever account it is logged into.
    The master is acting as a samba server and the satellite PC is accessing the /home folder over SFTP.
    I hope this is correct and Im not mixing all the terminology up and making a fool of myself.
    I can only apologise for my ignorance and hope you guys can help me as I have around 25 hairy ar##d seamen using one PC for internet and not two!
    I never set the system up and the guy who did is no longer here.

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    1. Are you out of disk space?

    2. Can you check in /etc on the server if you have some files that start with auto? Like auto.master/auto_master and auto.home/auto_home. That would likely be the config for automounting the home directories. Is automount or autofs or amd running on the server?

    3. Any errors about this in /var/log/secure or /var/log/messages?

    4. Worst case, create local accounts for some of the users on the satellite computer to get the second computer going until you fix the issue.

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