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    Question Mount and mapping assistance.

    Hi all,

    hope someone can help me out here.

    I got dumpped into a enviroment where my knowladge of linux is sadly (yes sadly I actually want to learn more ) little.

    I have a server that was configured with a mapped drive.
    I have done the following and cant find where this is pointing to can anyone help me out please?????

    Checked the FSTAB and mount and df -lh and did a vi on the cronjob that does the copying and everything just gives me basically this information...

    brw-rw---- 1 root disk 253, 7 Jun 19 16:22 \dev\mapper\VolGroup_ID_10726-LogVolV

    How do i get the info about what the \dev\mapper\VolGroup_ID_10726-LogVolV Network path actually is, and edit it for that matter.

    Thanks for any and all assist on this.

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    This is a logical volume - the LVM (Logical Volume Manager) allows you to add devices to the volume dynamically, so it can span multiple discs/partitions/filesystems. I use it on my workstation to turn 4 500GB sata drives into one 2TB logical volume. You need to run the LVM management tool. It will show you what is loaded into the volume(s). If you are running RHEL or some variant of that (CentOS, Scientific Linux, et al), then go to the desktop Administration menu and select the LVM (Logical Volume Management) tool. That will bring up a GUI tool to manage the logical volume(s) you have on your system.
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