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    simple (i hope) problems to fix in FC3

    i installed FC3 (clean install) and it installed flawlessly.

    but i have 2 complaints i wish to fix:

    1) it wont shut down. it goes through the seuqunce until this line:
    acpi_shutdown-signal sent
    (or at least something very close to it)
    it does this where i type shutdown -h now, choose shutdown from the menu, or press the power off button.

    2) i use the program gaim, but i have to manuely start it every time i turn on the computer. is there someway to automate this?

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    I am not sure about the issue with the powering off, possible the system motherboard is not acpi compliant, or something in your init file might be wrong. AS far as startup issue with game that would depend on what gui you are using, (i.e. KDE, Gnomoe, etc..). The default is Gnome for Fedora Core, and I am a little fuzzy with the layout for the gnome since I use a non-standard KDE install, but I bellieve if you open up your Menu, under the Preferences sub-menu there should be an option called sessions or session manager, which contains a place to dictate what programs you want to start when you log on to your session. You can specify gaim there and it should start with everything else that starts up when you log in. If you are using KDE let me know and I will give you instructions on that as well.

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