Hello Friends,

I am new to RHCS.

I wanna setup a new cluster for two nodes.
Below are the details which i required for the cluster setup.

I am using CentOS-5.5 64 bit os, default cluster packages with CentOS-5.5.

drbd83 with a new partition 100GB this is i used for mysql replication.

now i wannt RHCS ll take care of drbd.

1.what should be the best apporach to configure this?

I dont have any fencing device how can i use this setup in production as fence_manual is not recomended in production?

2. what can I use for fencing, as i am not using storage in cluster?

4.Is quorum disk is needed for this setup?

I tired doing google, but not got any proper solution.

I need help in this reqards, if any other details required i ll provide it.

Any help ll be appreciate.

Sorry for my English